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Robots in Disguise: The Lost OAV UPDATED: 07.MAY.2004
Episode 3 - Raksha's Brigade Episode 3 - Raksha's Brigade
by TheOrange

Megatron has kidnapped another infamous TransFan in his quest for power and glory, but will Raksha give him what he wants or prove to be his greatest liability?  Why did he kidnap Peter Cullen as well?  Witness the creation of the Decepticons, and Kelly finally reunited with her car!  Liz's toy Scorponok still makes his way inexorably towards Phil.  Will he make it?  Do we want him to make it?


The Story So Far...
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Transformers aren't REAL, are they?  They're just a fictional toy line and television show created and maintained by Hasbro and Takara over the years, right?  If you're like Phil Bond, then this is what you would have thought, but when a large robot calling itself Megatron attacks the University of Wisconsin Engineering Expo, Phil's view on reality will change forever.

He won't go down without a fight, however.  Phil's been kidnapped, along with Japanese roboticist Dr. Onishi, by Megatron to fulfill some mad destiny as heralded by the Book of Primus.  Phil must discover what Megatron's plan is, as well as why he is specifically named in a supposedly ancient Cybertronian holy book.

He won't be alone in this fight, however.  Dr. Onishi's son, Koji, has befriended a very well-meaning, but very inept, team of Autobots charged with the protection of Earth from the Predacon menace. 

It all sounds very grand and poetic, but rest assured that it's just another farce in the vein of comedic fan fiction.  It is the untold story of Robots in Disguise, the American Anime that wasn't good enough for the air waves.  This is The Lost OAV.

The Lost Episodes universe is an intricate and confusing one.  To catch up on the adventures that lead Phil to this point, feel free to read the following Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes stories for Phil's first foray into fan fiction stardom:

After that, go ahead and read all of Phil's adventures as an Accidental Secret Agent in The Misadventures of Phil Bond The Misadventures of Phil Bond.

After that, you should be up to speed.  Enjoy!

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