Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, Season 2 - Battle for the Manhole
The Lost Episodes: A Fanfic of Not-Quite-Epic Proportions
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, Season 2 - Battle for the Manhole
Robots in Disguise: The Lost OAV
The Misdaventures of Phil Bond, Accidental Secret Agent
Episode 21 - Warriors of Desirable Quality
by TheOrange and TRH - JAN.2002
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<Inside a badly-damaged space ship>

Airraptor: The thrusters are almost shot.  We're going down.

Triceradon: If we head for the planet's surface, we'll be obliterated!  There's no choice: we have to land on the moon!

Striker: That place is swarming with Maximals we won't--

Dinotron: What makes you think there's anyone left?  We have to abandon ship now!

Triceradon: <turning to T-Wrecks> Big T!  What are we going to do?

As he watches his troops panic around him, sees the horror in their eyes, watches his ship fall to pieces with every passing moment as he sees the atmosphere of the moon explode around them on the view screen, T-Wrecks can't help but find their imminent demise amusing.  He laughs, and the laugh is terrible and powerful.  And his troops laugh with him.

<The Oracle Cave>

T-Wrecks awakens from his meditation, shaken.  He stands and watches the Maximals below the walkway as they work on their "garden".

T-Wrecks: This has gone on long enough.

<Optimus Primal's Makeshift Office -- The Oracle Cave>

T-Wrecks: I am tired of this indecisiveness, Optimus Primal.  While you sit still and garden, Megatron only grows stronger.  We should stop wasting time and attack him now!  Together we could lay siege to his new body and retake this planet!

Optimus paces with his hands behind his back in a little path in front of the larger Dinobot commander.

Primal: A direct assault on Megatron now would only result in the deaths of both our teams.  Even assuming that we could succeed, Megatron would only escape to another body or something equally gimmicky.  With so many already dead we need to make sure that when we do attack *everyone* is offered a chance at survival, and we can stop Megatron before he pulls off whatever he is planning.

T-Wrecks: And do you even know WHAT he is planning?  Have you even been watching him, Optimus Primal?  My Dinobots and I have been tracking him for weeks, tracing and logging his every move.  He will no longer wait idly by as you make your sparse and ineffective skirmishes against his forces.  It will take sacrifice, but with our combined might we cannot possibly--

Primal: <interrupting> Direct assaults won't work.  <more calmly> I've been fighting Megatron for years.  I understand how he thinks.  He's already prepared for an attack like this.  I admire your determination, but if we are to have any hope of stopping Megatron we have to do something that he won't expect.  You have to trust me on this.

A low rumble emanates from somewhere deep inside T-Wrecks.  Optimus suspects that interrupting the rather sizable ex-Predacon was not the wisest of choices he's ever made.  The Dinobot does not make a show of force; he merely stares at Optimus with unseen eyes, as if he were trying to pry the secrets from his very spark merely by looking at him.

T-Wrecks: I believe the real reason you refuse to attack is because you are weak and afraid.  Your unwillingness to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve victory is precisely what Megatron is counting on to complete his objective.

Primal: I would never give an order that I wouldn't be willing to follow myself.

T-Wrecks smiles at himself from beneath his mask.

T-Wrecks: You have only proven my point.  You do not have what it takes to fight this war.  <more somberly> Do not underestimate me, Optimus Primal, for I know our adversary far better than you think.

Primal: It is precisely that attitude which is going to get us all killed!  You've been keeping secrets since the first time we encountered you and your team.  How are we supposed to work together if we can't even trust you?

T-Wrecks: Now is not a time for trust, Optimus Primal.  Now is the time to act.  Every nanoclick we argue brings us that much closer to extinction.  Believe me when I say that I have done some questionable things to get my Dinobots this far, things that would severely compromise your Maximal "trust".  The Dinobots *will* act, with or without your consent.

T-Wrecks turns around slowly and begins to walk away.  He stops when Primal calls him by name.

Primal: Rex... if you do this, I can't guarantee that the Maximals will be able to support you.

T-Wrecks straightens a little and turns his head a little ways back to Optimus, but fixes his gaze on his left shoulder.

T-Wrecks: That, Optimus Primal, has been and will forever more be the Dinobot way.

<Inside Megatron's Floating Fortress of Fun and Felicitation>

The Diagnostic Drone flits about the dark, deactivated Cheetor-esque form of Megatron's latest and most spectacular failure.

Megatron: Offline so soon?  I had expected this clone to occupy the Maximals for far longer.  Yeeeesssss...

Diagnostic Drone: I too must admit to some measure of dissatisfaction with his performance, my liege.  However, perhaps there is still something to be salvaged from the situation.

Megatron: No, it has served its purpose.  We only needed to have the Maximals distracted long enough to complete the modifications to the Citadel, which went apace far ahead of schedule.  Yeeessss... <glaring at the corpse> Dispense of it.  I have no more use for it.

Diagnostic Drone: Were all your plans to remain so benign after the termination of their apparent usefulness, I would agree completely, Your Virtualness.  As it stands, I would not trust any... loose ends to lay about if it were within my power to stop them.

Megatron: Yeeeessss...  You have a point.  Something does seem uncommonly familiar about this situation.  <pauses> Have it incinerated.  I could use the pick-me-up.

Diagnostic Drone: Of course, my liege.  Will there be anything else?

Megatron: Yeeesssss... <coughs> Has anyone seen my rubber ducky?

<Near the River from Episode 9>

Triceradon: Megatron's new generals have been spending a suspicious amount of time around the Citadel.  Lack of pressure on his forces has allowed them to oversee whatever is going on in there without leaving Megatron too undefended.  They might be able to help Megatron in a pinch, but the Citadel itself is relatively unguarded, except for the entrance.  There are drones going on and out of there on a sparse but regular basis.  A surprise attack should allow us to breach the entrance.

Striker: Megatron himself has been flying a rather simple pattern over the city, and takes in cargo sleds every time he loops around the space port.  He is constantly surrounded by several contingents of helicopter and jet drones.  His defense shield appears virtually impenetrable, but drones and cargo sleds seem to be able to pass through the shield after going through a checkpoint.  This is going to be our only way inside.

Dinotron: I don't like this.  There is an ill wind about.  Something is amiss.

Airraptor: Are the Maximals going to help us, Big T?

T-Wrecks: <lowering his head> The Maximals... are of no consequence.  To the pit with them...

A noise is heard nearby and the Dinobots all jump to attention.  Without saying a word, T-Wrecks directs Airraptor to the source of the sound.  Airraptor readies his weapon and begins to move towards the unseen disturbance.

High-pitched Whiny Voice: They've stopped talking

Stern, Confident Voice: You fool!  They've detected us.

High-pitched Whiny Voice: This was your idea, bird-brain!

Airraptor turns the corner and pulls Silverbolt and NickBee front and center.

T-Wrecks: You have three seconds to explain why I should not tear you both servo from servo and dine on your still-pulsating sparks.

Silverbolt: <swallowing> If you're going to fight Megatron, we want to help.  I still owe him for what he did to me.

NickBee: We can't go with you, but we'll do anything you ask of us.

T-Wrecks: If you cannot fight, then you are of no use to me...

Silverbolt: Rattrap has been working on some devices that are designed to confuse Vehicon scanners.  If you're going up against Megatron directly, you're going to need them.

NickBee: Look, I know you've had some raw deals with the Buddha Monkey, but I for one have no particular loyalty to these Maximals.  I'm just here because they were the only ones I knew who had a chance of stopping them.  Now I want to help you.

T-Wrecks: This pleases me.  <smiling> Perhaps we will make a Dinobot out of you yet.  The liberation of Cybertron awaits, my brothers!

Triceradon: Dinotron and I will lead the attack against the Citadel.

Striker: I will go with Airraptor and Big T to infiltrate the head.  If Megatron sticks to his current flight path, he'll be at maximum distance from the Citadel in less than a cycle. <looks around at his companions> We're only going to have one shot at this.  Whether the result is victory or defeat, this is it.

Triceradon: It would be a good day to die.

<High Above Cybertropolis>

Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: Here ducky ducky ducky...

Diagnostic Drone: This is a waste of our time.  We have more important things to attend to.

Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: Where are you, ducky?

Diagnostic Drone: Why do I even bother?

As the first drone raises itself higher and higher into the sky, a pair of animal eyes watches and almost remembers.  A clawed hand touches the newly-formed scar over one of the eyes, and a mouth forms the sounds to a word that fills the eyes with anger.

Theodore: Megatron...

<Later -- Somewhere in Cybertropolis>

From ground level, T-Wrecks and Striker watch Megatron's floating head/fortress meander slowly across the sky, only visible in between the gaps that the still-standing skyscrapers afford.  Perched in what's left of a window atop one of the buildings, Airraptor waits patiently in beast mode, watching the massive Transformer pass overhead.  He is unafraid.

Megatron's thrusters reflect in a pair of Tyrannosaur eyes, eyes which don't even really see what they are focused upon.  Their owner recalls something that was said to him long ago.


Magmatron: Never forget, T-Wrecks.  Never forget what it means to have the honor of a Dinobot.  It means courage.  It means sacrifice.  It means standing up for what is right even when when others you know and trust fail to stand with you.  But most of all...

The old and battle-worn Predacon looks out into the Cybertronian night.

Magmatron: means being alone.


T-Wrecks transforms slowly and deliberately.  From inside his tail-shield he retrieves a very old sword and holds it confidently in his right hand.

T-Wrecks: Ready...

<The Former Hideout of Hipness>

Triceradon and Dinotron, covered in splotches of war paint, watch as a group of ground-based drones make their way down the narrow passage to the Citadel entrance.  Hiding behind on a ledge above the pathway, the two Dinobots wait silently as a cold breeze blows.  The drones stop in front of the Citadel entrance, Triceradon stiffens his form.  He blocks everything out except the division between the main doors and when he sees the tiniest sliver of a crack...

Triceradon: Dinobots!  CHARGE!

Triceradon and Striker leap over the ledge and land directly in the middle of the drones, destroying a few with the impact.  But they are not alone.  They are followed by a modest but sizable group of robots -- some in better working condition than others and all are similarly covered in war paint, but the most prominent feature on each of the warriors is a crudely painted Dinobot symbol, ringed in white.  They leap over the encampment to attack every time the drones think they have gotten their bearings.  The massive doors take too long to stop and reverse, and Triceradon finds the time to wedge them open with the corpses of defeated Vehicons.  The warriors begin to file into the stronghold, encouraged at their thus-far easy victory.

That's when defenses come alive and half the attacking force is repelled from the entrance, left alone outside to deal with Vehicon reinforcements.  Not even looking back, Triceradon, Dinotron, and the remaining Transformers push ahead and go in deeper.

<At the Same Time -- Back in The Empty [Technorganic] Garden >

Primal: Silverbolt, NickBee, I want to see you in my office immediately.

NickBee: What, you mean that shack made out of Vehicon parts held together with monkey doo-doo?

Primal: NOW!

The three file into Primal's temporary office.  Silverbolt feels something familiar about the moment, but NickBee just feels something familiar on the inside of his nose with his finger.

Primal: You *helped* them?

NickBee: Yeah, what's it to you?  You backed out when you had the chance to help, and we gave them their only shot at succeeding.

Primal: You're right.

NickBee: <surprised> I am?

Primal: I need you to tell me everything you know about their plans.

NickBee: Why should we?

Primal: Megatron has the sparks.  If anything happens to them as a result of this attack, then everything we have worked for will have been in vain.  Megatron couldn't do anything without access to the Oracle, but now...

Optimus takes in a deep breath, as if he's finally resigned himself to a fate that's been haunting him for a long time.

Primal: Silverbolt.  If this goes bad... you know what to do. <looks at NickBee> And you... <cracks his orange knuckles> you can either discuss this with me, or have it out with the Boastful Fist.

NickBee: Ulp...

<Moments Later, Inside the Oracle Cave>

Primal: Alright people, listen up!  We're going to back up the Dinobots.  Rattrap, you take Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, NickBee and Nightscream to Megatron.  That's where they're going to need to most help.  Cheetor and Botanica are coming with me to the Citadel.  We're going to clean up whatever mess is left there.  Let's move it people!

Everyone moves to follow, but no one looks sure themselves.  Optimus turns around to face his troops, his friends, and for a brief moment lets the confident Maximal he used to be come to the surface.

Primal: I understand that this isn't going the way any of us expected, but we have to work with what we've got.  Some of you I've known for a long time, and some of you I've only just met.  All of you need to trust me when I say that this is now our best chance to retake Cybertron from Megatron.  Together.  As a team.

Optimus looks around the cave to see some uncertain smiles.  It will have to do.

Primal: Let's roll out.

<Near Megatron's Mighty Metal Melon>

Aboard a cargo sled T-Wrecks, Airraptor, and Striker wait in shadow as they prepare for their carrier to enter the Mega-head like so many other sleds before it.  With the attack on the Citadel, Megatron's attention should be focused elsewhere.  Unfortunately for these three Dinobots, that is not the case.


Megatron: <watching a view screen> Do these fools seriously mean to catch me so unprepared?

<Back outside>

The sled comes to a stop, ready to pass the checkpoint, but instead of hearing the typical checkpoint-cleared signal, they hear weapons fire.

Airraptor: Heads up, he knows we're here!

Airraptor takes to the sky while his two comrades waste no time abandoning ship, leaping from the burning wreck onto the nearest available helicopter drones.

Striker: Surely he's not so crazy as to fire on his own--

The drone beneath Striker explodes before he can finish the thought.  He grabs a still-spinning rotor and safely floats down to one of the raised streets.  T-Wrecks isn't so lucky, and ends up in a relatively short free-fall alongside a building.  He thrusts his weapon into the building's face in order to slow his descent, leaving a rather noticeable scar on the edifice.  No sooner does he stop than is he surrounded by several jet drones in Robot Mode.  They are quickly dispatched by a sonic scream, followed by the blurred form of a disfigured teeny-bopper.

T-Wrecks: Saved by the whelp.  I am never going to live this down...

In the air, Silverbolt meets up with Airraptor.

Silverbolt: Can I be of assistance?

Airraptor: You have no idea...

NickBee, Rattrap, and Blackarachnia meet Striker on the walkway, demolishing what few drones Megatron can spare.

Striker: It won't be long before he gathers reinforcements.  We're going to have to think of something fast or beat a quick retreat.

NickBee: Man, this sucks!  If only I could control these drones like I used to.

As he spins to start slicing at an oncoming group of five helicopter drones, his eyes glow and he screams as he prepares to attack, but the lead drone stops in its tracks causing the other four to back up behind it.  Two go careening off into the nearest building.  The other three remain hovering in front of him, not moving at all.  NickBee cocks his head at the oddity.

NickBee: Woah.

Rattrap: Leapin' lizards!  Way to go, turncoat!

Blackarachnia: How did you do that?

NickBee: I... I don't know.

NickBee tries to convert a similar team of jet drones ready to attack T-Wrecks, who is still trying to get down from his precarious perch.  Just as he readies his sword to slice into the intruders, they stop and three fly off to meet NickBee and the others on the ground.  They come back with the ex-Vehicon, Striker, and Rattrap riding on their backs.  NickBee motions to the drone in front of the Dinobot leader.

NickBee: Need a lift to the head?

T-Wrecks: This is most unbecoming...

The drones carrying the Dinobots and Rattrap shoot off towards the Big Giant Floating Head, and effortlessly penetrate the shield, entering at some miniscule opening.

<The Citadel Gates>

Primal quickly flies into the scene and floats helplessly in the air.  Moments later Cheetor races up to the passageway in Beast Mode, and Botanica burrows out of the ground.  They all look at the carnage, not knowing what to say.

Botanica: Sweet Primus... all these Transformers.  Where did they come from?

Cheetor just shakes his head, an expression of utter horror possessing his face.  Optimus, by contrast, becomes steeled, but only for a moment.  He sees movement and rushes to the side of the still-living robot.  He cradles what is left of the Autobot, Predacon, Maximal... it didn't matter.  Whatever his name is, he looks up at Optimus with unseeing eyes, and utters his two final words with what's left of his voice mechanism.

Warrior:  Dinobots-->SKZZZT!< forever...

Optimus hugs the mutilated form of the robot and squeezes his eyes shut.  White light begins to glow from his hands, light which starts to spread across the dying Transformer's entire body.  Instead of the blinding flash that is expected from a reformatting, the energy merely dissipates and fades harmlessly into the air.  Optimus sets the body down and tries again.  And again.  And again.  And again.

Cheetor: Big Bot... he's gone.

Optimus, in silent concession to the fact, merely brushes his hand across the freshly-painted Dinobot symbol brandishing the fallen warrior's chest plate.  His sadness turns to rage, and his gentle hand turns into a shaking fist.  Without another word, he shoots off towards Megatron and the rest of his Maximals.

<Somewhere Above Cybertropolis>

Giddy with success, Megatron's most recent Diagnostic Drone flies back to his master, rubber ducky in hand.

Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: Who would have thought to look in all that water, eh?

From where he's at, he can see the trouble surrounding Megatron's head.  One might even call it a "head ache."

Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: No time to wait for Bob, I gotta help the boss!

The Drone idly tosses the rubber ducky aside.  It falls to the ground, seemingly harmlessly.  The Drone does not notice the resulting explosion moments later.  He also doesn't notice the small red dot following him from a very low altitude.

<Inside Megatron's Dome of Deviousness>

T-Wrecks walks alone into a cylindrical room.  The single, smooth wall is covered in electronics and readouts, marred only by the recessed entrance.  The lone Dinobot approaches the center of the darkened room, a couple of lighted concentric circles in the ground, and lays down his weapons.  Then he slowly and deliberately removes his mask and lays it carefully before him, almost as a sacrifice to the altar of an ascending god.

T-Wrecks: Megatron.  We need to talk.  I know you can hear me.  You have ears everywhere in this massive tomb you call a body.  <grumbles> I cannot believe you've gone this far.  This is too much, even for you.

The only sound to return his words are the electrical hum of machinery around him and the ever-present sound of the anti-gravity generators keeping the massive head afloat.

T-Wrecks: You could have been a glorious general in the Predacon army.  You were bright and intelligent and virtuous.  I admired you for that.  But then you went back on your oath.  You disobeyed the wishes of the Council and stole the Golden Disc with that rabble you called an army.  How low you've become.  How cynical.  How utterly pathetic.  <grows quieter> What would father think?

The circles in the center of the room glow brighter, and in an instant a rather sizable holographic image of Megatron's new face forms in front of the one who possesses a form so similar to that of Megatron's own past.

Megatron: The Council... those old, weak-minded fools.  They were too arrogant and myopic to realize that their time had passed, and that the Predacons had long since needed someone to lead them into a new age, and reclaim their right to conquest that was theirs by birth!  I would have been content with that once, but now I've realized that it wasn't enough to reclaim our lost history, nor was it enough to try and alter it.  No.  What we need is a new beginning, and that new beginning will be me.  Yeeeessss...

T-Wrecks appears almost personally betrayed by Megatron's words.

Megatron: Do not look so surprised brother.  We both knew, we always knew, that I was destined for greater things.  You should be happy for me!  When this is all over we shall become one.  Join me brother, and together we can usher in a new age for the universe.

T-Wrecks: <putting his mask back on> I have no brother.

Megatron: Tut tut, Big Rex.  Such stubbornness is unbecoming of you.  Though I suppose father would have been proud.  Too bad he was off world when I got here, or I could have him tell you himself.

T-Wrecks pulls out his sword and growls at the holographic image.

Megatron: Oh my, what a large stick you have there.  And what are you planning on doing with that?

T-Wrecks: Rattrap, are you ready?

Rattrap: <over intercom> I'll light this firecracker as soon as you give the word, Big Guy!

T-Wrecks: With my next order, I could wipe you out of existence.  You are becoming sloppy, Megatron.  You should have anticipated this weakness.

Megatron: I never leave myself open without any recourse, dear brother.  Observe.

A view screen pops up between Megatron's image and T-Wrecks, displaying a real-time image of Dinotron and Triceradon followed by a few scant recruits inside the Citadel.

T-Wrecks: A trap! 

Megatron: How astute!  You may be a little slow, fission brother, but you get there eventually.  I suspect Optimus told you that this attack would be foolhardy, but predictably you didn't listen to him.  Did you really think that I wouldn't be able to defend myself?  That I couldn't have stopped you from entering if I had wished it?  Nothing happens that I don't will it!  Attack me and I can assure you that your comrades will die.

Rattrap: <over intercom> Rex?

T-Wrecks waits for a long moment, downcast.

T-Wrecks: Do it.


A blast emanates from the Head and obliterates the drones pounding on the shields.  NickBee tries to find others to control, but they have already fled.  The weapon is about to take aim at the Maximals on the ground when one of the anti-gravity generators beneath the head explodes, tipping the massive cranium off-balance for a moment.  The Maximals and Dinobot cheer in unison as the giant head spins slowly out of control for a few seconds.  After a moment they see a Laurence-Fishburne-shaped blur heading for the damaged noggin.  Cheetor and Botanica join their celebrating comrades a moment later.

Nightscream: Hey, where's Optimus?

Botanica: He must have just passed by here.

Cheetor: Where the spotted heck is he going?


Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: I'm coming, Megatron!

Before the drone can go aid his failing master, a large purple claw snatches it out of the air and brings it to a scarred face.

Theodore: Take me to Megatron.  Now.

Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: Ulp...

<Inside Megatron's Maniacal Morbid -- oh, dammit -- you know, the big floaty head thingy>

Optimus joins Rattrap inside the main chamber.

Rattrap: Glad you could join us, Boss Monkey.  We have something of a crisis on our hands.

Primal: There's no time for that now!  Where's T-Wrecks?  I intend to have--

For the first time, Optimus sees the enormous containment field in front of him.  Every soul on Cybertron, stored in a jar like an Earthling child's collection of seashells.  Lording over it all is the enormous and mutated spark of Megatron, devouring them one-by-one.

Primal: Primus no!  The sparks!  I never imagined that he would go this far!

Megatron: So you've finally joined us, Optimus Primal!  Excellent.  Your little rodent may have crippled my body, but soon it will not matter.  I will devour these sparks and then I will devour you all!  We shall become one perfect being!

Even as tendrils whip out to grab Optimus and Rattrap, Primal's determination does not falter.

Optimus: Megatron!  This is sacrilege!  I can't let you do this!

Megatron: Oh, my dear Optimus.  What do you think you can do to stop me?

Out of the shadows steps a large purple and white form, Diagnostic Drone in tow.

Megatron: YOU!

Theodore: At last, Megatron.  I have found you.

Megatron: No!  Stay away!  I am rid of you!  Tell him, Marty!

Diagnostic Drone, Mark II: What, are you nuts?

Theodore: The time has come, Megatron.  I've come home.

Megatron: No!

Theodore: <leaping up on top of the spark container> What's the matter, Megatron?  Don't you want to be inside me?

Before Megatron can even answer, Theodore launches himself again and grabs onto the giant, red spark.  He floats to the center, obviously roiled in pain.  A drawn-out scream is heard, followed by a blinding flash.  Both are gone.  The tendrils holding Rattrap and Optimus release and the sparks all float back down into the containment chamber.

Rattrap: What the heck was that all about?

<Inside the Citadel -- yeah, I called it the Citadel... shut up>

Dinotron: Something's not right, here.  Why is it getting darker?

Triceradon: We don't leave until we have something to report to the boss.  Keep your optics wiped!

The two Dinobots, followed by a handful of loyal survivors, finally make their way to the main throne room, where they see...

Dinotron: By the pit!

Triceradon: We have to tell the big guy!

On either side, Obsidian and Stryka move into view, each flanked by scores upon scores of drones.

Obsidian: I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that.

The room explodes, then falls silent.

<Later -- Inside Megatron's Abandoned Husk>

The Maximals and Dinobots mingle inside the spark chamber, conspicuously two members short.

Rattrap: Looks like we won.

Nightscream: Is Noble really gone?

Rattrap shoots Nightscream... somewhere.

Primal: This isn't what I wanted.

T-Wrecks: It is not what any of us wanted, Optimus Primal, but it was necessary.

Primal: And just what the hell was that back there at the Citadel?  All those Transformers and you never told us!  We could have saved them.  What do you have to say for yourself?

T-Wrecks closes his eyes and sees the faces of countless comrades, fallen but not forgotten.  Two come into prominence.  He opens his eyes and stares through his mask at his ancient sword.

T-Wrecks: It would have been a good day to die.

The End

*    *    *

Tales of Cybertron, Part 6

<High in Orbit>

Galvatron/Unicron: Is it time?

Diagnostic Drone: The way before you has been prepared.

Galvatron/Unicron: Oh, muzzle it.  Herald my coming, puny one!  Unicron the Destroyer has come to claim the souls of the bastard children of Primus!

The once-sparkless body floats slowly and deliberately to the surface, not a care in the world.  Had Unicron been more attuned to the scale of his new body he might have considered the rubber ducky heading his way to be a threat.  At it is, the collision sends both of them careening away from the Citadel in the middle of Cybertropolis an into an old warehouse district.

<Some Stingy Warehouse/Converted Lab>

Crawley: Okay, we've finally found the device thingy that bought us here.  You hooked up the power, right?

Geever: Yeah, I think so.

Crawley: You still have that five bucks?

Geever: <pulls out five bucks> Right here.

Crawley: Okay.  Now all we have to do is get inside and push the button, and we're good to go.

Geever thinks about this for a moment.

Crawley: Right?

Geever: Um, dude, how are we going to push the button when we're inside?

As Crawley is about to explain his button-pushing device, the form of Galvatron explodes through the warehouse wall.  The erstwhile Decepticon and rubber ducky are thrown into into the chamber along with the five dollar bill.  A stray piece of shrapnel hits the switch and activates the Prototype Transwarp Chamber.  Sparks fly and the chamber shakes.  Geever and Crawley run out of the building as the chamber begins to overload.  They get outside just as the warehouse becomes a smoldering hole in the ground.  A smoking five dollar bill wafts down to them, charred and nearly unrecognizable.

Crawley: Goddammit!  It f@*&ing figures...

Geever: Did that Galvatron say "Property of Phil Bond" on it?

<Inside the Oracle Cave>

The Last Autobot: Are you sure this is where the Maximals are stationed?  Looks like a rat hole to me.

Benny: Maybe I made a mistake.  I could have sworn there was something here.

Just as the two are about to leave, the massive Oracle screen springs to life.

The Oracle: Alpha Trion unit recognizes the Last Autobot.

Benny: Holee...

The Last Autobot: Now that's something you don't see every day.

To be continued!

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