Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
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The Lost Episodes: A Fanfic of Not-Quite-Epic Proportions
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, Season 2 - Battle for the Manhole
Robots in Disguise: The Lost OAV
The Misdaventures of Phil Bond, Accidental Secret Agent
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
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Episode 10/13 - The End of the Line

Episode 10/13 - The End of the Line

Artwork by Traegorn RavenHawk

The Story So Far... (Text by Traegorn RavenHawk)
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The Lost Episodes started as a joke... It all started at three in the morning, one random night... I (Trae) sat on the floor of my dorm room, and typed a quick fanfic within fifteen minutes.  It was titled it "Rattrap 1/2", and I jokingly called it Episode One of the "Lost Episodes" - implying more.  I  instant messaged a couple friends, telling them where I'd put it online.

And it started a revolution.

Well, not really - but a cult phenomenon at least. It's over two years later, and these "Lost Episodes" have become a bizarre part of Transformer's Fanfiction.  From Phil Bond's strange adventures, to Mr. Bamt's 'defense of the planet' - it's the 'in-joke' that attracted a readership...  A surprise success that even befuddles its creators.

Radio Free Cybertron has said "A nice, unique parody. Some elements of Beast Machines are ripped to shreds wonderfully..." as well as "...Phil Bond may very well be the greatest character ever introduced to Transformers fiction." But judge for yourself.  Kick back, grab a coke and a slice of your favorite pie.  Cozy up to the glow of your computer's monitor - and read the not-quite-epic tale that is "Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes".

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