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Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, Season 2 - Battle for the Manhole
The Lost Episodes: A Fanfic of Not-Quite-Epic Proportions
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes
Beast Machines: The Lost Episodes, Season 2 - Battle for the Manhole
Robots in Disguise: The Lost OAV
The Misdaventures of Phil Bond, Accidental Secret Agent
Battle for the Manhole F.A.Q. UPDATED: 06.DEC.2003

Q. Why don't you guys ever update?
Shut up.

Q. I mean, when the heck is a new episode gonna come out, you freaks! BM has been over for a while!  You haven't released a new story in over a year!

Q. Will you guys write a episode using my [characters/plot idea/stupid suggestion], or can I write it as a Lost Episode myself?
TRH - A. No.  Write it yourself and make your own continuity..  I mean, when I wanted to write a Fanfic, I didn't go e-mail my ideas to Pic and Perc at TFWW.  I went and created my own.  Do it yourself, that's the whole point of Fanfiction.  Lost Episodes is more than a TF Fanfic these days as well, so *no*, you can't use our name.

Q: What the hell happens at the end of Episode 14?  Why does it suck so much?
A: Perhaps one of the worst episodes ever written, episode 14 starts out okay, but peters out at the end.  Why?  To set up for the oft-delayed episode 15, which requires certain things to have already happened -- Silverbolt's return to the Maximal fold, Megatron as the big giant head, and so forth.  Really, since Lost Episodes stories "fill in the gaps" between actual Beast Machines episodes (in the events where it doesn't outright replace them), there was no reason to go over the whole Noble / Sivlerbolt thing.  But still, it's an impressive failure at trying to fit four episodes worth of plot into one story!

Q. What's with the title to "Geever and Crawley AREN'T Dead"?
TRH - A. That episode is titled after Tom Stoppard's "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead", a brilliant play that looks at two of the side characters from Hamlet, and retells the story from their perspective.  The entire episode is laden with homages to Stoppard's play.  Tom Stoppard ROCKS!

Q. What is "Go Go Cactus Man"?
A. It's a song from Cowboy Bebop - played whenever a character named "Andy" enters.  Just watch the episode, and you'll know why it's funny.

Q. In "No Need for Blackarachnia", why the hell does Obsidian build a High school?
TRH - A. Yeah, I think it's dumb too.  What the hell was Orange smoking?  Anyways, it's part of an elaborate Ranma reference.  This is what happens when you guys demand new episodes when we are straining for ideas. The "Black Thunder", Roses, and "Pigtailed girl" are all references to it.  I will, again, restate that while Venus Terzo did play female Ranma in the dub, she did not voice the character in the episode(s) that are being directly spoofed here.  This is getting mildly ridiculous.

Q. Why do you keep spelling Stryka/Strika differently?
TRH - A. Because The Orange and I disagree on the spelling.  Plain and simple. It's like the whole Tankor(r) debate.

Q. Why are the Dinobots Predacons?   Don't the toys say they are Maximals?
A. Okay, first off, most of the Dinobot toys from the Beast Machines lines are repaints of either American or Japanese Predacons.  Combine that with the fact that Beast Machines has all but ignored the existence of Predacons... well, we felt the need to create a counter to Primal who'd fight Megatron - but have a different point of view.

Q. What the hell are 'Carrotrons'?
TRH - A. Little robot Carrot thingies.  No, they're not like the Carrot robots from Lexx - oddly enough, they aren't actually a reference to ANYTHING.  Just a weird idea that Orange had.
Orange - A. Actually, it was a weird idea my buddy spooie had that I, for some reason, thought was clever.  Meh.

Q. What are Obsidian and Stryka reciting at the beginning of Episode 20?
A. Watch the Utena series.  That will explain it.  But don't watch the Utena movie. That'll just make your head go 'splodey.

Q. What are Botanica and Blackarachnia doing at the beginning of Episode 20?
A. Just a Rorsach test.  It conclusively proves that she's too much of a wuss compared to the badass she used to be.

Q. Back to Episode 20... what the hell is with combining Primal, Red Bike shorts, and a pink wig??
A. Yet another Utena reference.  Y'know, he's trying to "revolutionize the world".... It's funny, dammit, now laugh!  Laugh dammit!  Ah well.... you can't win them all...

Q. Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku?
A. Absolute Destiny Apocalypse, baby.

Q. "Shadow Girls"?
A. More Utena.  At this point, I'm just going to say that if there's something in Episode 20 you don't understand, and I don't address it in the FAQ... Assume it's an Utena reference and stop thinking about it.

Q. Episode 21 isn't funny.
A. What's your point?  It wasn't supposed to be.  Think of it as a little bit of reality setting in for our characters.  They are mortal, and WON'T survive every time they get shot.

Q. Why doesn't Nightscream get shot in Episode 22?
A. He doesn't show up.

Q: So, did Silverbolt and Blackarchnia "do it" at the end of Episode 23?
A: "It"?

Q: You know... IT.
A: Uh, read Episode 24.

Q: Okay, did I miss something between Episode 23 and 24?  Because I'm totally lost.  Tankorr?
A: It's not Tankorr; Tankorr is dead.  This is Tankorr's replacement, who was only referred to in flashback at the beginning of episode 6.  Episode 24 has gone through several drafts since its inception, and none were able to explain why Thrust and Tankorr's replacement know each other.  In fact, the original reason for bringing him back was almost completely lost in the revision, but he still serves a useful purpose.

Q: So why DO they know each other?  Why was it never in any of the previous stories?
A: Uh... that's one of the "Lost" Lost Episodes, which may be told at some future point in time, but not in the Beast Machines storyline.  Confused?  Wait until after Robots in Disguise: The Lost OAV is over.

Q: Why does Tankorr Too want to visit the Dinobots?
A: Because he's Grimlock.  It was supposed to be a throwaway joke that would never be mentioned again, but we needed something else to add to the Last Autobot quest.  It makes sense, really.

Q: So, Grimlock is the Last Autobot?
A: Next question, please!

Q: Hey!  That wasn't an answer!
A: And that wasn't a question!  Next!

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