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It's worth your time to check out all the galleries since I've updated most of them since last time I thought to mention it.  Most notably there's a whole HONSHU section I've added, so check it out!  My last set of pictures probably won't be online until I get back to the states.




I'm preparing to leave Japan.  I'm already packed and holding back the tears.  Some might think I should be out celebrating and forgetting the pain.  I say I partied last night and have had enough of goodbyes.  But it recently occurred to me that it doesn't have to be the end.

I run a website.  Typically I run websites without focus.  Why not create a niche, yeah?  Why not do something no one else can do (or hasn't thought to do yet)?

So, to that end, I'm going to revive YakCentral as a message board for current, former, and soon-to-become JASIN students.  I do this in part in an attempt to keep in touch with friends I've already made, and friends I hope to make in the future.  The JASIN program has had such a profound impact on me that I want to give something back that can hopefully live into some kind of perpetuity.  Might be the slight depression talking, but I think it's a great idea, and gives me something to do until I can visit this wonderful country again.

Speaking of which, I'm gonna have to figure out how to make Japanese-language pages.  Thanks to PHP, content swapping shouldn't be too hard, and the message board system I've come to love already supports multiple language formats.  I now have a way to make use of that feature!

I know I promised months and months ago that I was going to write about my experiences.  I didn't lie about that, I just didn't post that information here.  Some things are done, others are in skeleton form, and the rest are rattling around in my brain.  With an actual focus to this new site, I have a reason to complete these things other than fulfilling my own ego.  Or rather, other than JUST fulfilling my own ego.

Don't let me fall asleep at the wheel on this one.  I'll likely slip into some kind of depression if I do!

Until then, kids...


If you'll be anywhere near Eau Claire next March, you should consider going to No Brand Con 2004.  It'll be a blast!


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